Tuesday, January 29, 2013

*knocking dust from the shelves* Welcome back! I have pictures!

I have finally begun working on my wedding dress, and have pictures to share!

First, I would like to apologize for being absent for so long.  I moved out to the middle of nowhere and we do not have internet at our house.  I have to use the internet at work, and it doesn't always work just right.  Also, with family and wedding stuff going on, on TOP of work, it hasn't always been easy to post.

Secondly, I would like to explain the dress.  I always wanted to make my own dress.  The thought of going to a boutique and finding a dress I'm not crazy about, that looks like all the other dresses, that has to be altered and altered and altered again, and doing all of this in front of strangers, has ALWAYS made me nervous.  I started learning to sew at a young age, and decided that I would do as my mother did, and make my wedding dress.

The first attempt failed.  Miserably.  I found that the dress pattern I had picked out was NOT printed in my size, but luckily I figured this out BEFORE cutting anything.  The fabric - all 8 - 9 yards of it - was in tact.  So, now what?  I decided that a dress wasn't really me, anyway.  I'm just not built for a one piece dress, so I decided to work with a skirt and a blouse.  I still wanted to make it lace over satin, and so I did, cutting the blouse out of both fabrics and two versions of the skirt, one in a straight hem, and the lace overskirt in a floorlength hem in back, that raises to knee length in front.

I am working on this dress now, and have some pictures - though dark and poor in quality - to share.  Everyone seems amazed with the idea that I am making my own dress, but I just never saw it happening any other way!

The elastic has not been installed at the waist, yet, so its shape is a bit... funny.  Also, it obviously needs to be pressed.  But, you get the jist.  This is the front of the skirt.

This is detailing from the front, showing the sequined trim I added by hand.  It was tedious, but brings something to the dress that just gives it more of a bridal flair.
Back of the skirt
Detailing from back of the skirt, with gathers and trim

Close up of side view, again, a bit off-centered because it's not finished, so not laying right.
side of skirt at a distance

I'll post again later with pictures of the train I came up with, and the veil that I made work.  I have very long, dark hair, and I don't wear it up, so the traditional long veil looks very dowdy on me. 

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